Bringing Common Sense Leadership to New Mexico

Wayne Yevoli: Father, Business Owner, and Political Outsider


Meet Wayne Yevoli:

A Leader For Our Community

Wayne Yevoli isn’t your typical politician. As a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather, he has witnessed firsthand the impact of crime on our community and is committed to making a positive change. With years of experience as a small business owner and professional engineer, Wayne understands the importance of fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets. His deep roots in Bernalillo County inspire him to always put our community first. Wayne is ready to protect our neighborhoods, restore financial stability, and bring common-sense leadership to New Mexico.

Wayne’s Vision For Getting New Mexico Back in Business

Wayne Yevoli believes it’s time to revitalize New Mexico’s economy and bring prosperity back to our state. His plan includes:

  • Economic Growth: Leveraging his business experience to create jobs and support local enterprises.
  • Safety First: Implementing effective measures to combat crime and ensure safe communities.
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Balancing the budget and restoring financial health to our state.

Wayne is not just a candidate; he’s a devoted community member, a Rotary Club member, and an avid outdoorsman who treasures our natural resources. He is committed to making New Mexico a better place for all its residents

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